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Archive for April 3rd, 2009

Links Between Childhood Poverty, Stress and Adult Memory

Posted by neocaablogger on April 3, 2009

A long-term study published in the Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences finds significant links between childhood poverty,
stress and adult memory. The report was based on a study of 195 white
students from low- and middle-income families. Childhood Poverty,
Chronic Stress and Adult Working Memory
found that those who grew up in
poverty had a weaker working memory — a dependable gauge of reading
and problem-solving ability.

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Profile of the Working Poor: 2007

Posted by neocaablogger on April 3, 2009

A Profile of the Working Poor: 2007, March 2009. This
report is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and provides an overview
of the working poor in 2007. Specifically, Black and Hispanic workers
continued to be more than twice as likely as their White counterparts
to be poor. Additionally, in 2007, only 1.3 percent of college
graduates who were in the labor force for at least 27 weeks were among
the working poor, compared with 16.5 percent of those with less than a
high school diploma. Data also showed that women who maintain families
were more than twice as likely as their male counterparts to be among
the working poor.

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