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Possible Census Scams in Oklahoma

Posted by neocaablogger on November 8, 2009

Recently, the Oklahoma State Data Center has received a few phone calls from Oklahomans concerned about scammers pretending to represent the US Census Bureau.  Below are some important Census safety tips.

  1.  The Census Bureau does NOT conduct the 2010 Census via email or the internet.  If you think you are the victim of a phishing or email scam from someone falsely representing the Census Bureau, forward the email or website URL to the Census Bureau at then delete the original email from your computer. 
  2. The Census Bureau does NOT request credit card numbers, bank account numbers, PIN numbers, or passwords.  While various surveys do ask questions about income sources, income amounts, household or business expenses, and other financial topics, the Bureau will never ask for account numbers or access codes.
  3. You can confirm that a person really does work for the US Census Bureau.  If someone identifies himself or herself as a Census Bureau employee, you can verify that information by contacting the National Processing Center at 1-866-226-2864
  4. The Census Bureau offers advice on how to confirm a survey is legitimateIf you have questions about a survey received in the mail, you can consult the Census Bureau’s Are You In a Survey? page found at or call the National Processing Center at 1-866-226-2864 for assistance.
  5. You can find out what Census activities are currently taking place in your local area.  If you have questions about address canvassing or public outreach activities taking place in your local area or coming up in the near future, contact the Tulsa Local Census Office at 918-877-3440 or the Oklahoma City Local Census Office at 405-254-9140.

 Please share this information with your networks.  Thanks!

Steve Barker, Program Manager – State Data Center Oklahoma Department of Commerce


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