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ACF Releases Toolkit to Faciliate Information Sharing Among Providers

Posted by debrulerinc on August 27, 2014

The long awaited document to  help state and local efforts understand how and when it is appropriate to share information about a family or individual, in order to provide more effective services, in ways consistent with confidentiality laws and requirements was released by the Administration for Children and Families.  The ACF Confidentiality Toolkit helps state and local efforts by:

·         Providing examples of how confidentiality requirements can be addressed and met in a manner fully consistent with governing laws and underlying policies

·         Including sample Memoranda of Understandings and data sharing agreements

·         Providing helpful guidance to states and localities

Learn more by visiting the ACF Confidentiality Toolkit.

[This is the latest product of the ACF Interoperability Initiative designed to support improved integration across human service programs and the systems that support them.]

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