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NEOCAA Creating, Delivering, and Expanding Services

Posted by debrulerinc on October 2, 2014

Audit and state reviews went well! New initiatives for the communities, and so much more. Read all about us! Click the link> What’s Happening in NE Oklahoma CAA

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New Credit Card Rules

Posted by neocaablogger on March 1, 2010

The Federal Reserve has come up with new credit card rules to help protect consumers.

There are several changes, but a few include requiring the credit card companies to:
• Send you a notice 45 days before increasing rates or other fees.
• Keep your interest rate the same for the first 12 months of opening an account.
• Let you know how long it will take you to pay off your balance if you make minimum payments.
• Provide protections for underage consumers.

There are exceptions to these rules, so read the new rules carefully to see how they can help you.

Nueva ley de tarjetas de crédito protege al consumidor

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Know Your Credit Rating-Get your Credit Report

Posted by neocaablogger on December 1, 2009

By law you are entitled to one free credit report a year from each of the major credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax and TransUnion—and you can find out how to get it at sure to access this one, because other websites lure you in and charge you monthly fees.) Tell your friends.

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Manage Debt and Interaction with Debt Collectors

Posted by neocaablogger on October 10, 2009

During uncertain economic times, it’s especially important that people know how to manage their debt and their interactions with debt collectors.  To remind people of their rights – and debt collectors of their obligations – the Federal Trade Commission is featuring a new video at The video highlights the rights of consumers whose debts have gone into collection, and the rules of behavior for debt collectors. And it has a friendly reminder that asserting your rights gives you a voice, but doesn’t make your debt disappear. The FTC’s Money Matters website offers a wealth of information about spotting and avoiding scams and rip-offs when dealing with mortgages or loan modifications, using job placement services, and applying for credit and loans, in addition to coping with debt.  

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Access to Financial Services, Savings, and Assets Among the Poor

Posted by neocaablogger on September 17, 2009

Low-income families have an ongoing need for financial services to save money and build assets. The National Poverty Center at the University of Michigan authored this report on access to financial services for low-income families, as low-income families are typically financially underserved. Authors analyze the financial constraints and choices of low-income families around financial services. Authors also offer policy recommendations to distribute financial services to this population. Low-income populations are more likely to be unbanked due to financial institutions requiring credit checks to open an account, and having high minimum account balances and high overdraft fees. Savings and asset accumulation can often be key to promoting economic self-sufficiency for this population, and it is important to extend financial services and education to low-income families. For more information, please see:

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The Strengths of Poor Families

Posted by neocaablogger on September 17, 2009

In this research brief, authors explore the similarities and contrasts between poor and non-poor families. The results suggest that poor families may be enriched by the strengths found in their family routines and relationships, but are at a disadvantage in receiving services and benefits.This resource is from Child Trends. For more information, please see:

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Low-Income Working Families: Updated Facts and Figures

Posted by neocaablogger on June 21, 2009

A large percentage of American families have low incomes, which lead to a host of challenges and disadvantages for both parents and children. In 2006, one out of every three families with children had incomes below twice the federal poverty level (FPL): $40,888 for a family with two adults and two children. While these families face many of the same challenges as other families, they are particularly financially vulnerable. This fact sheet provides statistics on the work effort, earnings, health care access and other characteristics of these families. Click link for Fact Sheet.  (Source: The Urban Insitute)

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March Agency Activities

Posted by neocaablogger on April 11, 2009

March 12: Agency staff and board members attended the Communities of Excellence Award ceremony at the State Capitol. The group recieved recognition from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins, and elected officials from the area.
March 23-25: Staff attended the Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies Legislative Conference. They provided material about the agency’s programs to local elected officials.
Jean Cooper, Executive Director was appointed to three work groups (Weatherization, Community Services Block Grant and Homeless Prevention) in response to an initiative by the Governor to provide accountability for stimulus funds.
Staff attended two Miami City Council meetings in support of the agency’s joint venture to develop 24 rent to own homes in Miami. The project requires re-zoning due to lot size.
Jay Chamber of Commerce presented the Community Service Award to NEOCAA at its annual banquet.

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Profile of the Working Poor: 2007

Posted by neocaablogger on April 3, 2009

A Profile of the Working Poor: 2007, March 2009. This
report is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and provides an overview
of the working poor in 2007. Specifically, Black and Hispanic workers
continued to be more than twice as likely as their White counterparts
to be poor. Additionally, in 2007, only 1.3 percent of college
graduates who were in the labor force for at least 27 weeks were among
the working poor, compared with 16.5 percent of those with less than a
high school diploma. Data also showed that women who maintain families
were more than twice as likely as their male counterparts to be among
the working poor.

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900,000 Rural Children to Recieve Child Tax Credit for First Time

Posted by neocaablogger on March 28, 2009

More than 500,000 rural families, or almost 9 percent of rural families, will become newly eligible for the Child Tax Credit (CTC) under the expansion included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, according to a new report from the Carsey Institute.  Within these families are an estimated 900,000 rural children. The report, Child Tax Credit Expansion Increases Number of Families Eligible for a Refund, also finds that the proportion of urban families benefiting from the expanded CTC is slightly lower than in rural areas, while only 5 percent of suburban families are newly eligible for the credit. (Source: Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire)

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